Facts about grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are small and incredibly jumping insects, which most of us tried to catch, even when they were young, leaving somewhere outside the city. But it is very difficult to catch them – these timid creatures are extremely cautious, and at the slightest alarm they are instantly carried away to a decent distance, so quickly that it is almost impossible to follow their jump.

  • Different types of grasshoppers live literally everywhere – both in the cold northern tundra, and in high mountain meadows, and in the humid rainforests.
  • Vegetarians are also found among grasshoppers, but some species prefer to hunt other insects.
  • Most mammalian species can be chirped only by males.
  • The hearing organs of these creatures are located on the front legs.
  • Grasshoppers are able to overcome a distance of twenty times the length of their own bodies by a single jump.
  • A common grasshopper, widely distributed in the central part of Russia, weighs only two or three grams.
  • In North Africa, a grasshopper-efgaster, in case of danger, can “shoot” at the enemy with his own blood, in order to disorient him and, meanwhile, to escape.
  • The mustache of grasshoppers is longer than their body.
  • Only one in ten larvae of grasshoppers is successfully selected from under the ground to the surface. They can only move in a straight line, and if there is any obstacle in the way of the larva, it dies.
  • The average life expectancy of a grasshopper is only about two weeks.
  • Currently, more than twenty thousand different species of grasshoppers are known.