Facts about guinea fowl

Of all seven species of guinea fowl, only the common guinea fowl was domesticated. Meat and eggs of this species of birds are very tasty and nutritious. The guinea fowl, like many other animals, has enemies in nature. These include predators. These are carnivorous birds living on the African continent, and the servals are a large animal of the cat family. The guinea fowl is often hunted by poachers.

A guinea fowl is a bird that is extremely necessary for a person in the household. Nutritious meat and eggs of guinea fowl since ancient times (used since ancient Greece) are used by people in the farm, although only one species of these birds was domesticated – guinea fowl. The guinea fowl is a more unpretentious bird than a chicken, and its meat is less fatty. In addition, the breeding of guinea fowls does not require money and is not at all difficult even for rural areas.

Guinea fowl is a very interesting poultry, which has undeniable advantages when kept at home. Some types of guinea fowls are stunningly beautiful. These birds are very interesting to study and have long been valued by man.

We are used to the fact that poultry grown at home are used for purely applied purposes, however, this is not a guinea fowl. These characters are so versatile that they satisfy requests in many areas. In addition, there is a lot of fascinating information that can lead to the breeding of these unusual useful birds. They will be discussed below, and you can see the birds on the video at the end of the article.