Facts about hares

Hares are sweet animals. Rabbits belong to rabbits, at least, biologists say, but for most people the hare is a long-eared forest runner, instantly hiding out of sight as soon as he perceives any danger. In addition, the hare occupies a place of honor in the folklore of many peoples.

  • Hares┬ácan be found on all continents, except Antarctica.
  • Contrary to popular belief, hares are not vegetarians – they are willing to eat meat.
  • In addition, the hares are not as harmless as they seem. Their powerful rear paws with sharp claws are a terrible weapon. Although, of course, the hare’s nature is such that the hare will be protected only if he is cornered, otherwise he will try to escape to the last from the source of danger.
  • Wherever there are hares. they are an object of hunting, and they have not died out so far only because they are very actively multiplying.
  • Hares communicate with each other, beating their drumsticks with their front paws.
  • Contrary to the entrenched nickname “oblique” E, the rabbit does not suffer strabismus. The oblique rabbit was nicknamed hunters because of its winding run and the habit of confusing the track.
  • By the way, this is how the rabbits make a loop during the race, not just because their left and right hind legs are asymmetric from birth.
  • Escaping from danger, hares, however, do not leave the territory they consider their own.
  • During the run, the hares can reach speeds of up to seventy kilometers per hour.
  • If necessary, quickly descend down the slope, the hare can do this, slipping in the manner of the kolobok.
  • Female hares on average live almost twice as long as males.
  • Weight gigantic menorque hare, extinct about five million years ago, could reach twenty kilograms.
  • The teeth of hares grow all their lives, so they need to gnaw something hard to sneak.
  • In some cases, female rabbits can re-become pregnant before they give birth to the previous litter.
  • Such similar to each other animals, like rabbits and rabbits, can not have a common offspring.