Facts about kingfishers

Kingfishers are polygamous, they can have two or three “wives” and a bunch of chicks from each, but since the kingfisher males are responsible birds, they feed all their offspring. They feed them with fish, which they catch in a unique way.

  • An adult male kingfisher sits with a fish in his beak on the sign “It’s forbidden to fish.”
  • Kingfisher dives into the water. A great shot with reflection in the water.
  • Kingfisher appears from the water already with a roach in his beak. Since the metabolism of a bird is very fast, every day they must eat a food weight that is equal to 60% of their own weight.
  • Parents (mostly males) must catch a lot of fish to feed offspring (usually 5-7 chicks).
  • Moreover, males of kingfishers are polygamous, which means that they can have 2-3 companions, and each one has chicks from him.
  • The kingfisher holds a fish in the beak, which is intended for chicks. Kingfisher always keeps the fish head down, when feeding the chicks, so that the fins do not hurt the small necks.
  • The male kingfisher feeds the chicks in a nest located at the end of a long tunnel. Parents of chicks do not have to think about what to give, food – it’s hard to think of a better gift. While waiting for food the chicks sit in a circle. As soon as one of the chicks gets food, the circle “turns”, so that no one remains in the grievance.
  • The fish just caught trying to get free. Kingfishers catch prey, and then beat the fish head on the roost to kill it and break the bones.
  • Kingfisher shakes off the water.
  • The male kingfisher dives into the water to catch a fish.
  • This kingfisher was not lucky – he did not catch anything.
  • The kingfisher flies to the nest with a fish for his offspring.