Facts about leopards

Leopard is the most common representative of the cat family, after a domestic cat. It is a formidable predator and a clever hunter who differs from all his relatives in a very hidden and quiet disposition. In this animal many interesting qualities and abilities are combined.

  • The leopard is the only representative of the felines, which drags and eats its prey on the tree.
  • Black and spotted cubs may appear in one litter.
  • All newborn babies have a blue eye color.
  • Most of the leopards of melanists live in the tropical forests of Asia.
  • Among leopards, there is also pseudo-melanism, the so-called abundism, this happens when skin pigmentation occurs in separate areas.
  • Male leopards often kill other offspring to mate with the female.
  • Leopards have a special ankle structure that helps them to quickly climb up trees.
  • Hunt leopards mainly at night.
  • Among leopards as well as among lions and tigers there are cannibals. But these are quite rare cases, mostly wounded or sick leopards become cannibals.
  • Leopards have excellent vision, they can see the prey at a distance of 1.5 km.
  • There are hybrids of leopards with lions, jaguars and pumas.
  • Each leopard has an individual pattern on its skin in the form of spots.
  • The leopard female breeds from 2 to 3 cubs, but up to 1 year, only 1 young person lives out.
  • Leopards are very secretive, albeit curious animals.
  • The tail of the leopard helps him to maneuver easily when jumping and descending from trees and rocks.
  • Leopards are capable of lifting and dragging an animal carcass twice as large as its own weight.
  • In the wild, leopards live 10-15 years, in captivity live up to 20 years.