Facts about Macaw

Macaw parrots are the largest representatives of the order of the Parrot. Only one Black cockatoo – Probosciger aterrimus can argue with large species of macaw, and then only about the size of the beak, in relation to the same size of the body as large maca there are no equal parrots in the world. To date, 17 species of macaws live on our planet. Many of them, especially large species, are quite brightly colored, a few smaller species of the macaw are unattractive, for fans of bright exotic birds, a gray-blue color.

Characteristic features of large macaws are a rather large beak, the tip of which is rather steeply curved, and a comparatively long tail, a large body size; In many species of the genus Ara, the cheeks are more or less devoid of feather cover. All Macao are residents of Latin and South America. Most species of macaw are parrots, leading a flocking lifestyle. Some macaws, for example, a large hyacinth macaw, live in pairs. Nest in the hollows of trees, especially no different from other parrots.

Macaw unbelievably shrill screaming, shouting, making a sharp screech. Red-eared macaws produce the most musical sounds (screams) from the whole group of these parrots. Vocalization and repertoire are completely dependent on each individual. Macau can also be quite good “talkers” – they are successful, although not as good as it is capable of Jaco or Amazon, reproduce various sounds.

Macaw is a genus of birds of the parrot family. Distributed in Central and South America. In natural conditions, they live in tropical regions with wooded areas. They lead a gregarious way of life, but couples create for many years. Flocks sometimes harm plantations of fruit trees. 1 species and 1 subspecies are listed in the IUCN Red Data Book.

The macaw parrot is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful birds on the planet. Macaw and parrot parrots are included in the tribe of neotropical parrots (Arini), which includes all types of parrots of the New World, in total 148 species, which in turn belongs to the family Parrots – Psittacidae, subfamily. These parrots are Psittacinae.