Facts about pugs

  • Pug is a small decorative dog that has long been known to know. A dog with a lively, cheerful and at the same time balanced character, noble and affectionate to the owner.
  • Pug is an ancient Chinese breed. Pugs were noble dogs and lived in rich houses. At that time, the Pugs still did not have such deep wrinkles, but a clear picture of the folds on their forehead was manifested and was similar to the hieroglyphics. That is why the wrinkles on the forehead of the pug were called the imperial sign.
  • Pug came to France with the Turkish fleet in 1553. Later this breed became beloved also in the Netherlands, where her color was likened to the colors of the ruling house of the Orange.
  • Pugs live 13-15 years.
  • The first wife of Napoleon, Empress Josephine, had a favorite pug named “Fortune”.
  • Large pug eyes are planted quite widely, on one line with the nose. Close-fitting eyes give the pug an untypical, silly, but good-natured look.
  • The tail of the pug is not long, high-set, curled into a ring and pressed to the trunk. Double ring – dignity.
  • Pugs do not forget in the cinema. So, Frank, an alien from the films People in the black and the animated series of the same name, disguises himself as a pug, and in the movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service”, a pug is the official dog of the protagonist.