Facts about seals

At the word “seal” most people immediately imagine a small seal with huge, kind eyes. This view is not far from the truth, seals are really amazing creatures, but there are a huge number of varieties. Many interesting facts are related to these animals, which we will now tell you about.

  • The mass of different kinds of seals can vary from 30-40 kilograms to two and a half tons.
  • Seals are really fatty creatures, and fat is not needed by them not only to not freeze: it also allows them to maintain a better buoyancy.
  • On land seals move on the front fins, hanging the rear, but in the water the situation changes. Plunging into the water, seals use the forelimbs as a helm of depth, but they row only with their rear fins.
  • Seals have poor eyesight, but great hearing.
  • The natural enemies of seal – killer whales and polar bears.
  • Seals can distinguish smells at a distance of up to several hundred meters, and in some cases up to half a kilometer.
  • Seals have the ability to echolocation, even if they are not as well developed as in dolphins.
  • There are nine different species of seals on the territory of Russia.
  • Seals do not bring offspring more than once a year.
  • Seals of the seals are born with fluffy white fur.
  • Like many terrestrial creatures, covered with wool, the seals also molt. During moult, some kinds of seals scratch their backs, helping their brethren to get rid of old wool.