Facts about servals

In the African savanna are several species of wild cats. Of course, the first to mind is a lion, then a leopard and a cheetah. But this is the most “promoted” species. There is one cat, which is quite difficult to meet, since it is small and often hides in the bushes – serval! Somehow one beautiful and sunny morning I was lucky to meet a very cute kitty, who agreed to pose for me. I was extremely surprised, because usually the serval is instantly hidden.

  • Servals are incredibly jumping. The height of the jump is 3 m! Leaping from a place, they easily catch birds.
  • Their furs are very similar to cheetahs. However, in Africa they are often called “Baby Leopard”
  • Servals have the biggest ears among all the felines (on a scale, of course). It is thanks to this that they hear well.
  • And the serval has the longest legs among all the felines (on a scale, of course), which allow them to develop an impressive speed – up to 80 km / h!
  • Servals rather cowardly, try not to engage in fights with other predators, preferring to run away.
  • Serval is a good swimmer and is able to swim a river with a rapid current.
  • The reproduction period of the servals is not tied to any season of the year. When the female is ready for mating, she calls the males with specific sounds. Female serval nurses young from 65 to 75 days.
  • Servals are fed small game, rodents, birds, periodically attacking small antelopes.
  • Serval itself is often a prey to leopards.
  • Serval can mate with domestic cats, while giving a hybrid, but quite healthy offspring.