Facts about squirrels

Squirrel is the most common inhabitant of planet Earth. This animal is found practically on all continents except Australia. Although proteins are quite a known species, but, as before, they remain the object of research and scientific work of many scientists. To learn more about the cute fuzzy squirrels, we suggest reading a selection of interesting facts about them.

  • The most active time of day for squirrels is morning and evening.
  • To survive the winter, one protein needs about 3,000 nuts.
  • Belchats are born with well-developed claws, but absolutely blind.
  • Lynka in the squirrel occurs twice a year, but the wool on the tail changes only once a year.
  • The tail of a squirrel serves as a rudder when it jumps.
  • The animals lead a solitary life, but in winter, the squirrels, in order to survive the cold, sometimes gather in hollows or nests from 3 to 6 individuals.
  • Every autumn the squirrels make supplies for the winter, hiding nuts, cones, mushrooms, different roots in different secluded places.
  • Vibrissa in squirrels is not only on the ears, but also on the front legs.
  • In the wild, long-living animals are considered to be those who survive to the age of 4, although in captivity they can live up to 10-12 years.
  • Many do not know that protein can not be fed with peanuts. The proteins contained in it are not assimilated at all in the animal’s body.
  • The teeth of a squirrel like any other rodent grow throughout life.
  • Proteins are very prolific. For a year, one protein can produce 3 broods with 2-11 babies.
  • The most developed feeling in the animal is a rumor.
  • The squirrel can remain unharmed when dropped from a height of 30 meters. Helps her in this tail, which she uses in such cases as a parachute.
  • A flying squirrel with the help of a lethal membrane can change the direction of its flight by 90 °.