Facts about tiger sharks

  • The longest tiger shark was caught in 1957 in the waters of Thailand. Its length was 7.4 meters
  • The heaviest tiger shark was caught on March 28, 2004 off the coast of Ulladallah (Australia). The weight of this shark was about 810 kg
  • Tiger Shark eats everything that sees. In the stomach of one of them even a chicken coop was found with the remains of bones and feathers of birds
  • Tiger Shark refers to cannibals. The length of tiger sharks reaches 3.3 meters, weight – 635 kilograms
  • The speed of the tiger shark reaches up to 53 km / h
  • Tiger shark for 10 years of its life is able to grow, use and get rid of 24 thousand teeth
  • Despite their fairly large size, this species of sharks will attack people very rarely, often the attacks occur through the fault of the people themselves, who inadvertently provoke fish to the conflict.
  • These sharks feed on small and large schooling fish, mollusks, small marine mammals, and crustaceans.
  • Sharks, being the most dangerous sea predators, fully prove the Darwin theory known to all – the survival of the strongest.