Facts about toucans

The city is full of flowers that manifest through flowers, plants, animals, soil, trees, sky, etc. One of the classic examples is the peacock, whose plumage plays a huge wealth of colors. Toucans are also very bright and colorful. The beak of these amazing birds can be half the body length of the bird.

They are small birds and weigh about 130 grams.

The maximum length of the body is 30 cm.

The largest species is a toco toucan with a body weight of about 700 grams and a length of about 75 cm.

Despite the size, the beak of the toucan is very light, since it consists of air chambers and keratin.

During the mating season toucans use their beak during mating rituals.

One of the interesting facts is that the sex of Toucans is very difficult to distinguish.

Despite the fact that the diet mainly consists of fruits, they can eat lizards, insects, bird eggs, chicks, etc.

They have a short compact body, mostly black with a bright marking on the neck and tail.

Toucan short wings, since they do not fly over long distances. The tail is round, with a length equal to half the body, or even the full length.

Toucans have short paws. They are strong and clawed.

They make their nests in hollows of trees, carved out by other birds.

Masonry ranges from two to four eggs at a time. Nestlings are born without plumage and with small beaks.

Toucans are noisy birds and live for about 20 years.

These birds are very popular and common among lovers of exotic birds.