Facts about weasels

Weasel is the smallest animal from the order of predators. Known for its valuable fur, weasel lives on all continents, but exclusively in the Northern Hemisphere. This small animal is characterized by great aggressiveness and courage, therefore it is considered a very skillful and agile hunter. Interesting facts about caresses will tell more about this predator from the family of cunies.

  • Caress is very easy to confuse with another predator with valuable fur – ermine. However, the weasel is smaller and has a single-colored tail.
  • In the warm season the fur of the weasel has a brownish-brown hue on the head, back, tail and outer sides of the paws. In winter, the fur of caress becomes snow-white, except for individuals that live in more southerly areas.
  • Weasel is an extremely agile animal. She not only runs and climbs quickly, but also swims.
  • When hunting, weasel can easily beat off other relatively large predators, for example, from kites. For this weasel is called a very brave animal.
  • The diet of affection is made up of mice, rats, rabbits, hamsters, birds, lizards and even frogs. In places inhabited by people, weasel is indispensable in the extermination of mice, but it harms the kuratniki.
  • Weasels can be considered a long-livers. Often animals of this size live no longer than 8 years, and affection, according to various sources, can live from 17 to 60 years.
  • Ancient Romans kept affectionate as pets, however, over time, weasels were forced out of the place of mousetraps by ferrets and cats.
  • Many people revered caress. So, the Slavs considered the caress the keeper of the house, in Spain they believed that caresses were bewitched beauties, in Serbia it was believed that if the hunter would shoot in caresses, then the bullet would hit him, and the French believed that caresses bring happiness to the house.