Facts about worms

Worms are a huge class of animal kingdom. They, though nasty in appearance, unpleasant in feeling, but very interesting to study. What is interesting, perhaps, many will say.

  • The longest worm was found in South Africa, its length was more than 6 meters!
  • In Australia, too, there are long worms – the Australian gypsum grows to 3.5 meters in length and can weigh 0.7 kilograms.
  • The worm can grow a new tail if it is cut off. But he can never grow a new head.
  • If the worm’s skin dries, it will die.
  • The worm is a cold-blooded animal.
  • On 1 hectare of land there may be more than 10.000.000 worms.
  • Charles Darwin spent more than 39 years studying worms.
  • Based on the enzymes of earthworms, detergents, shampoo, toothpaste are made.
  • In autumn, the activity of worms decreases and feed change is perceived by them more easily than in spring during the peak of activity.
  • Worms are the type of animal kingdom established by Linnaeus. It is currently obsolete. At the end of the XVIII century was disbanded by zoologists.
  • Worms include animals with an elongated body with a clearly expressed abdominal and dorsal sides and an anterior and posterior end of the body representing bilateral symmetry.
  • The worms included all invertebrates, with the exception of most arthropods.
  • Worms stand at the turn of other, more isolated types of animal kingdom
  • Currently, worms are grouped in the Primitives section. Worms from this subsection (in the usual sense of the word) can be considered three large types.