Flounder – information

Flounder is a special kind of fish of the flounder family. And there is a river and sea flounder, they live respectively in the seas and rivers. This is a very amazing fish, because it has a flattened body that is turned on its side. All flounders have a flat body. The lower part is one of the sides of the fish, which moved as a result of undergoing metamorphosis, which is characteristic of all flounder. The lower part can be compared with sandpaper: it is very rough from constant contact with the bottom of the reservoir, the eye is not there. The eye on this side moves to the other, as it is bad to watch what is going on with one eye.

The upper part of the fish contains pectoral fins. Immediately there is an eye, moving from the lower side. Flounder has a pigment that allows it to simulate any surface. This is necessary for the fish to hide at the bottom from predators who like to eat it. If you put flounder on a chessboard, then on the top will certainly appear light and dark spots, as on the board.

There are two main types of flounder: a river flounder and a sea flounder. Externally, the fish are very similar to each other, but they can differ in size and body weight. Inside the genus, there is a great variety of flounder species, but the largest was caught in the sea. She weighed more than a centner, and the length of the body was 2 meters. The river flounder grows to 50 centimeters, at the same time it reaches a mass of 2 kilograms, and the sea floe grows to 60 centimeters, and weight – 7 kilograms. But in the photo they look about the same.

Sea, as well as river species of flounder have different habitats. Sea fish live mainly in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. But it is also common in the White, Northern and Okhotsk Seas. River flounder can live both in the sea and in rivers, where they can swim quite far. Inhabits such fish in the Black and Mediterranean Sea, in the rivers flowing into them, and also in the Yenisei. Even a special type of flounder is distinguished: the Black Sea.