Foxes – information

Fox is one of the most beautiful predatory animals. She has a graceful elongated body, slender legs, a long fluffy tail. Head with pointed muzzle and large standing ears.

The size of a fox with a small dog. The length of the adult body is from 60 to 90 cm, the length of the tail is from 40 to 60 cm. The weight of the fox usually does not exceed 10 kg. Foxes living in the northern latitudes are often larger than their southern counterparts. The fur of the fox is long and fluffy, mostly colored red. The belly is more often white, less often black. The farther the fox lives, the brighter its color. Sometimes in nature there are foxes with unusual coloration – black-brown, white. During the year, foxes molt twice, changing their fur to winter – thick and long, then to summer – a rare and short.

The habitat of the common fox is very wide. It occurs in Europe and Asia, North America and North Africa. Foxes live in different landscapes – in forests and steppes, in deserts and tundra, in mountains and on flat terrain. But still prefer open spaces with copses and ravines.

Foxes live in pairs or in families. They usually lead a sedentary lifestyle, occupy a site on which they hunt and arrange a dwelling for their lodging and breeding. In deserts and tundra, where in search of food to have to travel long distances, foxes migrate from one place to another. Foxes dig deep holes in the earth with narrow passages and a wide nest chamber. Their burrows they usually arrange on the slopes of ravines or hills, protected by thick grass and shrubs.

Often, the nest camera is not one, but two or even more moves. This allows foxes to escape from their pursuers in case of danger. The fox is a very cautious and intelligent beast, it easily escapes from pursuit, skilfully tangling traces and resorting to all sorts of tricks. The fox has a good sense of smell and hearing, thanks to which she easily discovers her prey. The fox is capable of making sounds that resemble the barking barking of a dog.