Frogs – information

Frogs are amphibians, inhabiting practically all parts of the world. They live everywhere – in water bodies or swamps, on the ground, even at a depth of several meters in a hard layer of clay, in trees. This fact could not but affect the species diversity of frogs. These amazing amphibians are divided into three types: actually frogs, toads and frogs.

Frogs have a smooth or slightly lumpy skin, teeth located on the upper jaw and swimming membranes on the hind legs. The largest representative of the frog world is the frog-goliath (Conraua goliath). This giant frog can weigh more than three kilograms, its length is about 90cm. The strong legs of the Goliath frog allow her to make jumps of three meters in length. The smallest frogs that live in Cuba have a body length from 8.5mm to 12mm.

Toads, unlike frogs, do not have teeth. The skin of the toads is thoroughly covered with tubercles, it is darker and drier than the skin of frogs. At the back of their eyes are parotid well developed glands. In general, representatives of the family of toads prefer to live on land, going to the water only during the breeding season. The biggest toad in the world is a toad aga, its weight can reach more than two kilograms. In addition, the toad aga is one of the most poisonous among toads and frogs. The smallest toad in the world has a length of only 2.4cm.

Quaksa is the smallest family among the three named. Quaksa is different from other species by the presence of extended discs on the fingers, helping them to climb up. Some species of frogs can “fly”, strictly speaking, this is not a flight in the full sense of the word, but planning. This ability allows the Kwaks to escape from enemies, they can “fly away” to a distance of up to 12 meters.

Vision in frogs is arranged in such a way that they can simultaneously look forward, sideways and up. They never close their eyes for a long time, even during sleep.

However, not all species of frogs are harmless. For example, frogs “kokoi”, living in the jungles of South America and Colombia, were recognized as the most poisonous land animals on our planet. The poison of this frog is thousands of times stronger than cyanide potassium and 35 times stronger than the poison of the Central Asian cobra.