Galapagos penguins

Every person knows that penguins live in the coldest parts of the world, but not everyone knows that there is a species that lives in warm lands. The Galapagos penguin is an amazing bird, living on the equator. These individuals have a huge number, but despite this, this species of birds is considered the smallest in the family of penguins.

These birds prefer active recreation on sandy beaches. According to its name, this species of penguin lives on the Galapagos Islands. Birds of this species prefer to settle on large islands, such as Isabella. They, unlike other species of penguins, prefer to lay eggs in the gorges of mountains and burrows.

Feed on these birds exclusively fish and crustaceans, which brings the sea flow. Volcanic rocks are a favorite place where the Galapagos penguin rest. Where the penguin inhabits there are practically no predators, which provides him with a comfortable stay on the islands.

Unlike other species, this one is distinguished by its small size. The Galapagos penguin, whose photo can be seen in this article, reaches a height of 55 cm. Its weight is 3 kg. These birds are often found in black with white trim.

Like all penguins, this species has a white mark around the eyes. And white stripes along the body. The head is narrow and small, however, like the body. On the legs there are membranes. This kind of penguin is very vulnerable on land, since it has tiny legs and wings. They walk, rolling from one side to the other, amusing their wings in amusement.

Because of its small size, this bird can not physically cope with large prey, therefore prefers small fish and other small inhabitants of sea waters. So, sardines, sprats, mullets and anchovies become the favorite delicacy of the Galapagos penguin. The short wings of these amazing birds help them to move well underwater.

Penguins of this species are quite social individuals, so they like to hunt in large groups. The color of the Galapagos penguin helps him hide from predators and hunt well. After all, if you look at the penguin from above, it completely merges with the black depth, and if you look at it from below, its color resembles the light of shallow water. For its prey the penguin is able to dive to 30 meters in depth, but no more.