Geckos are quite unusual and interesting animals. They are very different from other lizards and reptiles. The more you learn about geckos, the more you want to buy one of them. There are many funny and interesting facts and information about these beautiful creatures.

Most geckos are nocturnal (they are most active at night). Their large eyes have adapted to weak light, so they have excellent eyesight. Most species of gecko almost no eyelids. In fact, their eyelids are transparent as contact lenses, which they lick for keeping clean. These “lenses” are immovable, that is, they do not open and close. Geckos are the only reptiles that can use their voice (others can only hiss). They bark, chirp or just make different sounds when communicating with other geckos. Some types of geckos can spray irritating fluid from the tail end.

The largest gecko is gekkonteki (Gekko Gecko). Heconnas currents can be found in the area from India to the Australian archipelago. An unusual characteristic of this lizard is that it can actually see through its head and ears. The gecko-currents are aggressive and, as you know, bite in case of provocation or threat. Toki eats rodents and small birds and even other lizards. A small gecko, and indeed the smallest terrestrial creature, a dwarf gecko (Jaragua sphaero).

This species lives in the Dominican Republic and on the islands of Beata in the Caribbean Sea. The most famous form of gecko is the leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius), it is most often used as a pet. Most of the domestic geckos today are divorced and grow up in captivity. If you’ve ever seen a gecko, most likely it was a leopard gecko.

A rare species of gecko is the Coromandel Striped Gecko (Hoplodactylus stephensi var. Coromandel). This gecko lives in New Zealand and it is so rare to meet that at the moment, only 4 of these geckoes were seen. One of the strangest geckos is the flying gecko (Ptychozoon kuhli). The flying gecko lives in the humid tropical forests of Malaysia. This animal has wide leather floors that stretch out of its belly, webbed feet, legs and tail, all this allows it to soar through the air from tree to tree.

Leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus fimbriatus) is found in the tropical forests of Madagascar. It has a very large, wide tail, and very thick compared to the rest of the body. This gecko can be masked and merged with the surrounding world. The leaf-tailed gecko has a great difference. He has more teeth than any other lizard in the world.