Gerbils – information

In the habitat of gerbils, vegetation is very scarce, they feed on plants and shrubs. For the winter gerbils harvests food reserves – twigs saxaul or other sandy plants, camel thorn. In search of food, rodents can immigrate to colonies, and settle in new places. If on the migration path they meet other people’s mink, they adapt them to their homes.

The menu of gerbils in the home environment is very simple. It should consist of a mixture for rodents with the addition of vegetables or fruits, but not sweet and not acidic. It is recommended to feed the sandwich with a boiled egg. Drinkers of these animals can not be put at all, because they are accustomed to a desert climate and receive a supply of moisture from fruits and vegetables. But they just need fresh greens. These may be leaves of fruit or deciduous trees – hazel, linden, apple, also grass, dandelion, hedgehog. Fresh greens need to be collected in clean areas so that it is environmentally safe for animals.

It should be scalded with boiling water to rid of parasites and germs. Sprouted grasses are very useful. They can be bought in the store or sprouted by yourself. Purchased cereals do not require any treatment. In addition, give goodies – nuts and dried fruits. Or special goodies from the pet store. Do not give citrus and products with a pungent odor. And also salty, bitter and sweet food.

Female gerbils are capable of producing offspring 4-7 in one year. The number of children in the litter from 5-6 pieces. Females carry them for about a month. Only in two months each baby becomes mature. The life of the gerbils is small. On the will of gerbils can live 3-4 months.