Giraffe – a kind of mammal from the same family of cloven-hoofed. Close relatives of giraffes are okapi, and distant ones are deer. The appearance of a giraffe can not be confused with any other animal. This is a very large beast, weighing a body competing with a bull. The weight of giraffes is 750-900 kg. But, looking at him, it’s hard to believe that a giraffe is so heavy. He looks elegant due to an incredibly long, flexible neck. Its length can reach several meters, and the overall growth of the giraffe is 5-6 m. This is the highest animal on earth!

The head of the giraffe is small, it is crowned with short horns, pubescent with wool. Giraffes can have two pairs of horns. The eyes of the giraffes are large, with long, fluffy eyelashes. It is also characteristic that these animals have a very long tongue, helping them to reach the farthest branches. By the way, this language is black.

The extremities of the giraffes are of different lengths: the anterior ones are much longer than the hind legs, although most animals have the opposite. Legs thin and slender, unhurried gait gait looks a bit stilted. Among all ungulates, the giraffe has the brightest coloring: large spots are scattered on the hide skin, the color of which varies from red to brown. The legs and stomach look lighter. On the neck of the giraffes there is a short standing mane, like a horse, and the tail, on the contrary, with a tassel like an ass. It is interesting that the color of giraffes is strictly individual and the pattern of spots is never repeated.

The range of these animals covers almost the whole of Africa. Giraffes dwell in savannas and rare forests. These are herd animals, living in groups of 7-12 individuals. Inside the herd, there is a rigid hierarchy: animals are divided into ranks and the subordinates are subordinate to their superiors. The position of the animal in the herd can be determined from the angle of the neck: the lower the giraffe stands on the hierarchical ladder, the more it lowers the neck of the earth. In general, giraffes are very calm and peaceful animals, there are no conflicts and physical struggles between them. By the way, this is the only species of hoofed animals, which is absolutely voiceless. Giraffes do not make any sounds at all!

Most of the time, these ungulates move slowly, but at least a giraffe and do not rush his long legs allow you to develop decent speed when walking. Giraffes are also unusual: they move with an amp, while walking at the same time the legs of one side of the body. They do not know how to run at a trot, in case of danger they immediately go galloping. This gait also looks peculiar: smooth movements of giraffes make the impression of slow motion, but the speed can reach 50 km / h! For a long time to maintain such a pace giraffes can not, but, surprisingly, able to jump in height. Looking at the awkward extremities of giraffes this can not be said, but they easily wiggle through the two-meter fences!