Great White Shark – information

The Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) is one of the largest and most aggressive ocean predators. The back and sides of this fish are painted gray, brown or black, and the belly is white, which makes the shark its name. On average, the size of the predator is 5-6 m with a weight of 600 to 3200 kg, although it was possible to measure an individual, the length of which reached 11 meters, but apparently, this is not the limit. Instances that are less than four meters have not yet reached puberty and are considered adolescents.

The scientists found out an interesting fact: at the end of the Tertiary period there were large white sharks measuring up to 30 m in length. Eight people could freely fit into the mouth of such a giant, and if this species survived to our days, existence side by side would not bring humanity anything good.

A large white shark prefers to lead a hermitic way of life. Its habitat is huge, this species can be found almost anywhere in the ocean, both offshore and off-shore. Despite the fact that the white shark prefers to stay on the surface of the water, it can also be lowered to great depths, quite comfortable feeling there. One specimen managed to catch at a depth of a kilometer!

These fish are very common in warm waters, but are also found in temperate latitudes. Females grow no more than two cubs, the rest they eat.