Great White Shark

A great white shark, which is correctly called carcharodone, is the largest predatory shark on the planet. The maximum recorded length was 11 m, but it could not be weighed. Known specimens of the white shark, reaching 3,200 kg.

Interesting archaeological excavations tell us that not long ago, at the end of the Tertiary period, there were white sharks (the species Carcharodon megalodon) reaching 30 m in length.

The body of the shark has a cigar-shaped shape with large fin-like fins. The pectoral fins are very large, they help the shark to move smoothly. Without them, the body would inevitably go to the bottom when moving.

Modern representatives of the species are found all over the world, mainly near the coasts, preferring warm waters in the range of 12 to 24 degrees Celsius. But even in colder waters one can find large colonies of white sharks.

Great White Shark takes the first place in the list of the most dangerous animals for a man in the sea. Official statistics state that about 200 people fall victim to the attack of white sharks each year.

The glory of white death came to the carharodon not by accident. This shark is very indiscriminate in food, devouring everything that is of interest to it. In the belly of the caught fish were found a variety of items: cans, shoes, pieces of fallen sheep and horses, pomegranates, turtles and even a large native drum weighing 7 kg. But with it, the shark eats relatively little. There is an opinion that with an abundance of food sharks do not attack animals that do not make up its main diet. In the absence of food sharks fall into the so-called “food madness” attacking all living things – other sharks, small whales and even sperm whales.

Do not disdain shark and attack people. Numerous cases of attacks of people in the water are recorded. Can attack and the person who is in the boat. Attacks are noted not only in open water, but also in shallow water near the shore.