Group of foxes

Fox is a great hunter. In addition to observance and ingenuity, she has an excellent memory, a good sense of smell and a remarkably sharp ear. The vole sings, for example, the fox hears for 100 m. Being a predator, the fox consumes a variety of animals.

She eats mice, rabbits, rabbits, amphibians, reptiles with pleasure, digs earthworms from the earth after rain, catches fish and crayfish in the river. But the red-headed cheat especially likes to eat a bird. Therefore, she often peeks into the chicken coops. By the way, the neighborhood of a person does not scare the fox at all, so you can often find a fox hole very close to the village. Meat ration fox with success complements berries, apples, vegetables.

Each fox has its own fodder site. She zealously protects him from invasion by outsiders and always knows what is happening near her burrow. The fox usually hunts in the evening and at night, although there are exceptions. Some animals prefer to bypass the places of harelocks during the day, hunt for birds and eat exclusively large game, neglecting mice or frogs.