Guppies – information

Guppies are freshwater live-bearing fish. The forms and colors are quite diverse. The length is up to 5 cm. There are big differences between the guppy breeds, and in the same breed it is difficult to find two completely identical males. Duration of life is about four years. By nature, these fish are mobile, livable, cheerful. Guppies are unpretentious, so keeping in the aquarium is not difficult. Depending on the main color and shape of the fins, the requirements for content change.

Gray (on the background color) guppies are less demanding to the conditions of content than light ones, and light ones are less demanding in comparison with albinos. The large fin is more demanding than the shark and fork. They even reach sexual maturity at different ages. Also, the requirements for the conditions of the content depend on the adaptation of the guppies: water hardness, feeding, temperature and other parameters. Therefore, you need to ask in what conditions they lived before your aquarium.

Those who want to grow good males of guppies need to know that the density of their planting should not exceed one individual per liter of water, and the female must have at least two liters of water. Water with a stiffness level of 4-10 ° dH is most suitable for guppies. Water should be constantly changed to a new one. It should stand for a couple of days and be the same temperature as in the aquarium. Usually, weekly it is necessary to change 1/3 of the water from the total water volume.

Guppies develop well and feel better if you add tincture of iodine and sea salt to them. For every 10 liters of water, add one and a half teaspoons of sea salt, and 2-3 drops of 5% alcohol solution of iodine for every 20-30 liters.

Lighting plays a big role in the life of guppies. In winter, the aquarium should be lit for 10-12 hours, in the summer 12-14 hours. It is recommended that some time, especially in the morning, sun rays fell on it (to prevent the development of algae in the aquarium, you can hang a gauze curtain on it).