Hammerhead sharks

It is not a secret for anyone that the sharks are the most dangerous inhabitants of the seas and oceans. They number about 350 species. This time the note will be devoted to a shark-hammer. Its name was received because of an unusual flat head shape resembling a hammer. Among these sharks there are 3 main species and the first among them is a giant shark-hammer.

Judging by the name, these sharks are the largest. Their average body length is 6 meters, but the specimens were larger. So off the shores of New Zealand was caught a shark-hammer length of 7 meters 89 centimeters and weighing 363 kilograms.

There is a giant shark-hammer in the warm waters of the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It can be encountered both in the open ocean and in the coastal strip. The number of these sharks is not very large.

A distinctive feature of this shark is the flattened shape of the head, on the sides of which there are large outgrowths. Its 2 small eyes are located precisely along the edges of these outgrowths. This arrangement of the organs of vision gives the fish the possibility of a 360-degree view.

On the front of the head are nostrils and small holes that capture the electric fields of other fish. Even if the booty is digging into the sand from the shark, it will still feel it. It is established that a shark can catch electrical discharges of one millionth of a volt.

There is an opinion that such an unusual form of the head serves as a kind of rudder for a shark. Her mouth is littered with small, but very sharp teeth, so she represents a serious danger to humans. When you fight with her to stay alive – great luck.

These sharks eat practically everything that moves – fish, squid, crabs, mollusks, poisonous stingrays-tailings. The poison of the latter does not bring any harm to sharks. Apparently they have already developed a kind of immunity to it. Extraction is almost impossible to escape from persecution, because These sharks are excellent swimmers and develop fairly high speeds when chasing. Their only natural enemy is man.

Shark-hammers are viviparous. Over time, they bring in 30-40 cubs. Newborn shark reaches a length of 50 centimeters and already swims well. When born, their hammer is turned back towards the body. This facilitates childbirth.

The most frequent attacks of these sharks on bathers are recorded on the shallow beaches of the Hawaiian Islands, Florida and the Philippines. This is due to the fact that these areas are the main breeding grounds for shark-hammers.

But people also do not remain in debt. They catch these fish for their large and delicious fins, from which the famous shark soup is made. As a result, the population of giant hammerhead sharks is rapidly declining. Often sharks perish, hitting the fishing nets. Now this fish is in danger of extinction.