Hamster scientific name

Hamster scientific name is Cricetinae. You think about the history of hamsters, and it seems that they lived with people always, and that fluffy lumps with devoted black eyes from Neanderthal times met the hosts with hunting … But let’s face it: for the first time these animals appeared in 1880 in England, or rather, they brought the British consul from Syria.

But really interested in these charming creatures only in 1920, when Israel Ahoroni went in search of hamsters, which he needed for experiments (Israel was an honest worker of the zoological department). In addition, he was the main Jewish zoologist who rediscovered many species of animals of the Holy Land.

In general, Israel asked a local sheik to help him in a difficult matter – catching hamsters, especially since the ubiquitous rodents caused considerable damage to the crop. Sheikh announced a reward for catching the hamsters, and the locals immediately set to work …

People plowed whole wheat fields, but only after several hours of work they raised from a depth of 11 feet a nest populated by a hamster – the “lady” and her 11 kids. The whole family was successfully placed in a box, but only on the way the female ate one of the cubs, than shocked Ahoroni in jest.