Hares – information

Hares run fast, with the help of long hind limbs they can reach speeds of up to 50 km / h. During the race, the rabbit can make long jumps and change direction quite sharply. Such maneuverability helps to escape from swift-footed predators. However, even a hare caught is by no means as harmless as it is usually described. When caught, he is able to deal the strongest blows with his hind legs. There are cases when a wounded hare caused serious injuries to hunting dogs and the people themselves.

Speed ​​is not the only weapon of the hare. These animals are able to perfectly confuse the tracks in order to confuse the pursuer. The hare, which goes to the couch, first makes a circle – “estimate”, goes out on its own trail, and then a sharp long jump leaves sideways, where it lies to rest. Sweat glands in hares are only on the soles of the feet, so the immobile rabbit practically has no smell.

At approach of danger the hare is hiding and remains motionless until the danger passes. By the way, rabbits are practically voiceless animals: in everyday life and even in the mating season they do not make any sounds, preferring to go around other ways of signaling. But the hare caught at the moment of death is capable of shouting loudly.

The cry of a wounded hare in sound is similar to the cry of an infant. During the wedding period, hares communicate with the help of a “drum shot” – rapid strikes by the front paws on the ground. This call is heard at a great distance. Is it not from here that the tradition of making toy hares-drummers comes?

Met, the males make fights, which are accompanied by high jumps and other wonders of acrobatics.