Hedgehog pet

Everyone who decided to have a hedgehog as pet should know a few facts about the life of these cute, but not the simplest in terms of domestic animals:

Hedgehogs are predators, as already mentioned above. Proper nutrition is a guarantee of health and long life.

The hedgehogs are single. When the house contains more than one hedgehog, they should be placed in separate cages. The exception is young and heterosexual couples in the breeding season.

The hedgehogs multiply in the spring, shortly after coming out of hibernation, but in captivity it is not so easy to get offspring from them. To do this, it is necessary to choose the right period competently and to bring together the different sexes together.

Hibernation is one of the most important moments that a hedgehog owner and other hedgehogs should remember. In hibernation hedgehogs go in the autumn after they accumulate sufficient fat reserves. Therefore, during this period, the hedgehog must be fed intensively. The arrival of the time of hibernation (around the end of October and beginning of November) is characterized by periods of lethargy and numbness, noting that the owner must provide his pet with a secluded place where the temperature does not exceed 5 degrees Celsius (for example, on a loggia, in a barn, in an attic or in the garage).

Pouring a bunch of dry leaves, straw, hay, sawdust and rags, you can make a hedgehog’s nest, in which he sleeps until spring. In heat, hedgehogs do not fall into a hibernation, but this has a disastrous effect on their health and by the spring the animals that do not fall into hibernation often die. Hibernation is the most mysterious adaptation manifestation in hedgehogs, which under extreme conditions can last over 200 days!

Hedgehog – a night resident, and, unlike, for example, from cats, they do not adapt to the regime of their owners. While the owners are sleeping sweetly, the hedgehog is busy with his own affairs, and this is another reason not to let the hedgehog run around the house freely. At least at night.