How big are pandas ?

The size of an adult panda is quite impressive. Males slightly larger than females. Their weight reaches 85-125 kg, while females weigh 70-100 kg. The body length of the panda is 1.5-1.8 m.

The panda, unlike other bears, has a rather long tail. Its length reaches 12 cm. The whole body is covered with thick and soft fur. On a light, almost white background, there are dark areas: around the eyes in the form of “glasses”, on the back and front paws, on the shoulders and on the ears. The tip of the tail is also black.

Despite its good-natured “plush” look, the panda’s paws are armed with sharp claws, and like all big panda bears, in the event of an attack, they can seriously injure a person.

Its second name is the “bamboo bear” – a large panda got thanks to its diet, which is 99% of the shoots and stems of bamboo. Although animal food, for example, eggs and insects, periodically appears in the panda menu. This kind of food is the main source of protein.

In addition to bamboo, bears will not refuse from the bulbs of saffron and iris. In zoos, they are spoiled with sugarcane, apples, carrots, liquid rice porridge and other products.