How do lizards mate ?

The sexual maturity of lizards, mainly due to the length of life and age. Animals, choosing a suitable sexual partner, rely mostly on their eyesight – which, in fact, is based on the amazing dances performed during the mating season. Usually mating occurs in winter, in the dark.

Tropical species of lizards tend to multiply in the dry and warm season. Therefore, at home, if you want to achieve successful mating of lizards, and consequently, and offspring, every effort should be made to create conditions that are as close to natural as possible to lizards. Otherwise, your pets, feeling that they are in a stranger environment for them, will be completely incapable of reproduction.

Usually reproduction of lizards at home occurs in a special terrarium, where eggs are deposited. The duration of the incubation directly depends on the ambient temperature (which, moreover, is the determining factor in the sex of the lizard). The laid eggs should be carefully collected and moved to the incubator, observing the maximum accuracy of the original location of eggs in the masonry. Otherwise, there may be undesirable anomalies in embryo development and even death.

Do not forget to keep an eye on maintaining the correct temperature environment. Litter should be kept in a constant moisture, not allowing it to cool and dry.