How do parrots talk ?

There are no parrots in our forests, so they remain to us in many respects an exotic bird, which also knows how to talk. However, where these birds live, they are treated in the same way as we treat, for example, sparrows and magpies. In South Asia, North Africa, Australia and the Malay Islands, parrots are ordinary birds that live in packs, nest in tree hollows, eat fruits, tender buds, nuts with palms and figs.

They dozens and hundreds jump on trees from branch to branch in search of food and are very careful about their chicks. For their sake the parrots are ready to go far from home to get food and bring it to their children.

Parrots attract us not only because they live far from our places and do not look like birds in their appearance. They cause interest in that they can talk, although not everyone knows how to do this. Parrots there are more than 600 varieties, and among them the most capable “talker” is an African gray parrot.

People have long been interested in how the parrots talk. After all, if they can talk, then they know how to think. But it turns out that the ability of parrots to pronounce words is not related to their mental abilities. They simply reproduce what they hear or what people are teaching them. In the wild, parrots “speak” in their own language, like all other birds. And when they get to people, they quickly learn to speak individual words and even whole phrases. There are many theories and assumptions about this.

Most biologists still believe that parrots speak purely mechanically, repeating the sounds they hear. Even if it is, it is still an amazing ability, because other birds can not do this.