How do snails eat ?

Snails are considered one of the most valuable animals in the world. Since ancient times, they have been used by the Greeks in medicine for the treatment of diseases. For the Phoenicians, snails were sources of colors, and for Africans – a means of replacing the monetary unit. In the modern world, snails are considered to be the components of the most delicious dishes.

But snails, like animals belonging to the group of gastropods, themselves need nutrition. There are many sources telling about what snails eat. Encyclopedias, books, and, in the first place, the Internet give full information about what snails eat in nature.

Mollusks, by their type of food, belong to the herbivores. In most cases, they prefer to eat vegetables, fruits and herbs. In order to know what snails eat in the aquarium, we will consider the principle of the structure of their digestive system. In the oral system of these varieties of mollusks, there are approximately 14,000 teeth.

Such a number of teeth for mollusks serves as a file that allows you to clean and eat plant matter. Scientists have been shown that snails, unlike other species of mollusks, have a mouth located on the lower part of the head. Slugs also eat less than snails, since they do not have mouth, so they eat nipples.

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