How do snails reproduce ?

Snails reproduce without much difficulty. A big problem is determining the sex of the ampullaria. If you are planning to receive offspring, then the content of 5-6 individuals in one aquarium will be the only solution to the problem. Such a number of snails will create 1-2 pairs and maintain cleanliness in aquariums.

Ampularia in the aquarium are not whimsical to water. Care for them does not involve determining the hardness of water and its composition. However, in too soft water on the shell appear small grooves. True, they do not affect the behavior or reproduction of the mollusk. Optimum temperature is around 20 degrees, but they can go down to 20 and rise to 33.

With due care, the snail can live up to 2-3 years, depending on the temperature of the water. The higher the thermometer, the faster the metabolic process, and, therefore, the life expectancy decreases. In cold water, ampullariae are much slower and do not multiply.

Neighborhood with fish does not cause the mollusc no discomfort. They easily get along with any kind of medium-sized fish. The only inconvenience that a snail can experience is attacks on its mustache. In this case, she adapts to keep them closer to the calf and anticipating the threat presses them to her.

With large fish it is better not to combine them. In this case, a lethal outcome is possible. For breeding, a separate aquarium is needed, since juveniles are a delicacy for any fish.