How do snakes mate ?

Yes, they do. Reproduction of almost all snakes occurs sexually. Only certain species have the ability to parthenogenesis. Reproduction in them is carried out without the participation of a male. Rare exceptions are snake-hermaphrodites. In some cases these individuals act as males, and in others as females. The existence in nature of such snakes is quite effective for the species as a whole. In most species it is quite difficult to distinguish a female from a male. Among the visible differences can be noted the size of the body. Male snakes are usually larger than females.

The mating season begins in the spring. The courtship of males for females, in view of the external characteristics of snakes, is quite simple. The female selects a specific secret in the mating season, the smell of which attracts males. The male crawls along her trail, catches up and tries to stop her, blocking her path.

Sometimes snakes can observe behavior, something that resembles affection. The male begins to cuddle up to the female, crawl with it together, repeating all its bends. Some even stroke it with their own head. Males of some species of snakes exhibit aggression. They can bite the female by the back or neck. Before pairing, you can observe marriage tournaments.

Numerical superiority of males guarantees the fertilization of each female in a short period. This is especially important for those snakes that inhabit the northern latitudes. Marriage tournaments can occur in the presence of a female. She externally watches the struggle. But the main purpose of the snake ritual is not to show its power to the female. The task of the male is to drive the opponent out. The presence of a female is not necessary at all. Tournaments for snakes occur not because it is nearby, but at each meeting of males in the mating season.