How do snakes reproduce ?

Virtually all snakes reproduce sexually with the participation of a female and a male. Only a few species are capable of parthenogenesis, that is, their reproduction does not occur sexually, but from unfertilized ovules without the participation of a male. There are among serpents, as a rare exception, and real hermaphrodites, ie, individuals that are both a female and a male. This exceptional case is noted on the small island of Kaimada Grande, which is in South America. T

here were found snakes, called island botsrops, among which, in addition to ordinary females and males, there are bisexual individuals that make up the majority of the population. These individuals are females that have male copulatory organs and fully developed testicles at the same time as the ovaries. Such individuals can in some cases act as females and breed offspring, and in others as males, fertilizing other females (ordinary or hermaphroditic). The existence of such unusual females in the population of island botrops is so effective for species that the need for ordinary males has decreased, and their share has considerably decreased in recent years.

Amku from the male in the vast majority of species of snakes is difficult to distinguish. Snakes of visible differences can be called differences in the size of the sexes (males are significantly smaller than females) and yet – males have a longer and thicker base in the base. In addition, the males of many boas have significantly longer anal spurs than females. And in the same, on the contrary, in the male these spurs are smaller than in females.

Snakes, because of their obvious external characteristics, the behavior of courtship is very simple. The male, having smelled the smell of the female, crawls along her trail, catches up, and, like other reptiles, tries to stop her. Unlike lizards, male snakes do not use rough bites for this, but they try to block the path of the chosen one. Males of some species with this excitedly nod their heads. The serpents can even note something similar to affection – the male clings to the body of a female and crawls along with it, repeating the bends of her body, in some species he strokes the female with his head.