How do tortoises mate ?

In order for turtles to mate they need a stimulus. The nature of different species of these animals usually depends on the place of living in nature. Turtles that live in temperate latitudes are well stimulated by prolongation, increase in temperature and the action of spring sun rays.

Due to these changes, sexual hormones are released into the bloodstream. European turtles like, so to speak, “rough, tough” mating, it somehow borders on the violent: the male strikes the shell of the female quite strongly and bites it by the limbs until it fully obeys.

The male at the meeting with the female starts to jerk the head up and down, then at full speed rushes to the female. Then he stops and stretches his limbs to full length, pulls his head, starts to swing and shakes his head in the shell of the female.

In the event that the female starts running away from him, he quickly overtakes her, strikes her head and bites until she does not obey him. Next, the male climbs onto the back of the female and places its tail under the tail of the female. Land turtles emit sounds during mating, more like a squeal.