How far can a kangaroo jump ?

Kangaroos can  jump more than 9 m (and 3.3 m up). Such indicators the animal demonstrates only when forced to escape from danger in the open area. When the kangaroo moves to the source of water or in the direction of the relatives, its jumps are usually 1.9 m.

The method of moving using only two hind legs gives the impression that the kangaroo is jumping up, as if being thrown up by a tightly compressed spring from below. It can reach speeds of up to 20 km / h, and in case of danger, even faster.

During feeding, kangaroos tend to lean forward and slowly move from place to place on all four legs, somewhat resembling a rabbit. Kangaroo puts the front paws on the ground and pulls the tail forward, leaning backwards. Thus, the weight is transferred to the front paws and tail, performing the role of the fifth leg.

This type of movement, involving four consecutive stages, seems to require more energy costs than jumping.