How fast can a great white shark swim ?

Great white shark can swim 40 km / h, so fond of the filmmakers, shooting it as a bloodthirsty and ruthless killer in the horror films of the World Ocean. In fact, a large white shark is a majestic creature gracefully sliding in the water. Its movements are light and perfect, the maneuvers are graceful, and the ease with which this 1.5 ton fish makes 3-meter jumps over the water fascinates.

Fear of sharks, instilled by a person with his subconscious, nourished from myths and legends, makes him believe that a shark is a terrible predator, from which there is no salvation.

It is believed that these giant fish are not only immensely bloodthirsty, but also fast, like no other.

The secret of the rapidity of these predators lies in their warm-bloodedness, the structure of the skeleton (light cartilaginous tissues), the size of the liver (huge, with a high fat content), the structure of the skin (very elastic, with a large number of “denticles” ) and the composition of the muscle fiber (allows you to make incredible in strength short shots).