How fast can a lion run ?

The maximum speed of lion is about 80 km / h. Lions do not often use their high-speed qualities, as lionesses do most of the work on the victim’s pen. They prefer to show man’s ingenuity and cunning in order to finish the chase at the right time with a sharp jump.

Usually lions run at a speed of 35-40 km / h, lionesses faster – 38-43 km / h; The maximum speed of the lion is about 75 km / h, the lioness is 80 km / h. The average speed of walking in both lions and lionesses is 5-6 km / h.

Lions can run at speeds up to 80 km per hour and jump up to 12 meters in a jump! Although the lion is not a good runner. All hoofed animals easily overtake him in running, and he overtakes them only thanks to cunning, suddenness and a huge length and speed of the jump.

About 100 thousand years ago, lions inhabited almost all continents, they could be found on the territory of all modern countries. Approximately 10 thousand years ago the picture changed dramatically: there were no lions in the countries of North and South America, Europe also remained without these beautiful animals.