How fast can a shark swim ?

Usually sharks swim quite slowly, at a speed of about 8 km / h. but during an attack they can briefly accelerate for a short time, up to 45 km / h. The unconditional leaders in high-speed swimming include the Mako shark, capable of developing a speed of over 60 km / h (according to unconfirmed data – up to 80 km / h). In pursuit of prey, she jumps out of the water to a height of 6 meters, which is equal to the height of the dolphin jump – the recognized leader in this kind of aquatic acrobatic tricks.

Sharks are different, and not everyone needs quickness and maneuverability to get food. Their separate species feed on plankton, which freely drifts in the water column and no speed is required to catch it.

Some of the sharks prefer to stay away from the surface, and at depth, under the pressure of many tons of water, the development of high speeds becomes very problematic.

Representatives of many species of these carnivorous fishes leading a bottom-line life, have learned to watch their victims in ambush, or to get food, slowly cruising near the bottom and slowly exploring its surface in search of prey.