How fast can a turkey run ?

Turkey can develop a speed of 30 km / h, and in exceptional cases they can accelerate even up to 50 km / h. And birds are distinguished by great endurance and, unlike flight, can maintain such a pace for quite some time.

If we consider that on the run the turkeys prefer to sharply change direction, it becomes clear why in former times the riders could not catch these birds on horseback.

The turkeys have a rather rich set of signals for communication, and the voices of the eye and common turkeys differ slightly. In a quiet environment, they exchange melodious and sonorous sounds and are distinguished by their talk.

In case of danger, the birds fall silent and exchange quiet croaking, the croaking is characteristic of the communication of the female with the offspring. A wide range of shouts, gurgling and other sounds are demonstrated by the turkeys during the mating season.