How fast can a wombat run ?

At short distances, the Wombats can reach speeds of up to 62 km / h. If you need to escape from danger, the wombat can swim and climb trees well, and also burrow into the ground. Wombs are the largest of modern mammals engaged in digging holes. In addition, most of the life of wombats is carried out underground. With their sharp claws, they tear out small residential caves in the ground. Sometimes wombat holes form quite complex tunnel systems.

As a rule, most of the burrows reach about 19.9 meters in length and 3.49 meters in depth. In the event that parts of individual individuals intersect, caves can be used at different times by different wombats. Wombats are active at night, when they go out in search of food. In the afternoon, Wombats rest in their shelters.

The adult wombat has practically no natural enemies. One of the few enemies is a dingo man brought to Australia. In wombat, the back of the body is extremely hard because of very thick skin, bones and cartilage.

On the pelvic bones, in the back part of the back, the wombat has something like a shield that protects it when attacking from behind. In case of danger, they can turn their backside, block their hole and repel most attackers, or they can crush their paws against the walls of their cave. If the dog climbs into its hole wombata, he does not leave the place waiting for her, and then tries to drive into a corner or to the wall of the burrow, and there to suffocate with the help of the rear flap.