How fast can a zebra run ?

The zebra when running, especially during the danger that threatens her, can develop a high speed for the animal at a speed of 60-65 km / h, so to enjoy her tasty lion meat you have to work hard and spend a lot of energy.

A powerful tool to protect the zebra is its hooves. An interesting fact is that they are sleeping standing up. The doss house is arranged in large groups to protect against possible attacks of predatory animals. These groups are never constant, they change periodically. Only mothers with their babies remain inseparable.

Their mood is visible on the ears. When the zebra is calm her ears stand straight, with a fright they are directed forward, and with anger back. During the aggression, the zebra begins to snort. And noticing a predator nearby, a loud barking sound emanates from them.

Of good and calm animals they can turn into evil and wild. Enemies of his zebra can be mercilessly beaten and bitten. It is almost impossible to tame them. And no daredevil could saddle. The zebra on the photo involuntarily leads a person into rapture. Some incredible beauty and grace hides in this wonderful animal.