How high can a kangaroo jump ?

Everyone knows that kangaroos differ in their jumping. With comfortable traveling at a speed of 20 km per hour, kangaroos are jumping 2-3 meters each. And when they go down the slope, they can jump on all 12 meters. At short distances, the kangaroo can travel at a speed of 50-60 km per hour. In height, they also jump well: an adult male easily takes a one and a half-two-meter fence, and if he tries hard, he can jump higher.

Kangaroos eat mostly grass. In the hot time of the day, the animals lay somewhere in the shade, and graze in the evening or at night. Kangaroos can long, more than a month, do without water.

There are not many enemies with kangaroos. Serious troubles are brought to them by midges, which accumulate at the watering places. They are stuffed into the kangaroo’s eyes, and from their bites the animals often go blind. Young animals often get from foxes, dingoes and birds of prey.

But kangaroos know how to defend themselves in case of danger. Their main weapon is the long and narrow hind legs, which, apart from the iron muscles, are also provided with sharp claws. Animals strike, leaning on a massive tail. They have a “special design”.

The vertebrae are flattened in the lower part, and the fatty tissue is developed very strongly. Kangaroos can also box. There were interesting cases when these animals lured hunting dogs into the water, and then drowned them with their forepaws, preventing them from emerging to the surface.