How long are elephants pregnant ?

Pregnancy of the elephant lasts 20-22 months.The pairing of elephants is not confined to a certain season. In the mating season, males have a secret secret from the parotid gland, at this time they are very aggressive and dangerous to others.

The nipples of the elephants are not located in the groin, as in all four-legged animals, but between the front legs, as in primates. An elephant needs guardianship for up to 5 years, but, after growing up, retains affection for the mother and other relatives (grandmother, aunts). Often the elephant is transported by the trunk at the tail of the mother. Adults become elephants aged 12-15 years, and live up to 60-70 years.

It would seem that the largest animal can not have natural enemies. Indeed, adult elephants are practically invulnerable, although sometimes they are in conflict for a place with a rhino with a rhino. However, small elephants are defenseless before the attack of lions and crocodiles. Only these predators dare to attack elephants.

The main enemy of elephants is a man. People hunt elephants mainly for tusks – a source of precious ivory. But the farm uses meat, leather, bones of elephants. For example, a roast from a trunk is considered a delicacy.

Because of the barbaric industry, African elephants in many places were on the verge of extinction. To protect them, numerous reserves have been created, but even after that the position of elephants has not improved.