How long are guinea pigs pregnant for ?

The guinea pigs pregnant lasts 60-68, on average 64 days and depends on the size of the litter; with a small litter (1-2 calves), it can last up to 72 days. Starting from 20-25 days when examining the lower abdomen of a female (you need to do it carefully) you can feel the developing fetus.

In the second half of pregnancy, the mumps should be treated especially carefully: as rarely as possible to inspect the nesting house and clean the cage, move it from place to place, etc., since excessive anxiety, inaccurate treatment of the animal can lead to miscarriage. However, a few days before the birth, the cage is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and put into the nesting house a fresh litter of small fragrant hay.

In case of premature births, a bacteriological study should be carried out to find out the cause of miscarriage, which can be caused by guinea pig disease – brucellosis (infectious abortion). Childbirth can occur both during the day and at night and continue for up to 24 hours, but usually this process lasts about an hour.

Childbirth is delayed if the offspring are numerous. More often in a guinea pig, 2-3, rarely 6 cubs are born, which are already covered with hair and almost immediately open their eyes, and after a few hours they already run around the cage. Babies are born with teeth, can eat their own food, but, despite this, they need milk from their mother.

For almost the entire month the female feeds the cubs with its milk. The fat content in it is 45%. Due to the fact that the female has only two nipples, the young are fed milk of the mother in turn. It is not necessary to prematurely deprive young individuals of mother’s milk, since no feed will replace its nutritional value.