How long do alligators live ?

The average life expectancy of alligators is 50-60 years, but scientists believe that under good conditions they are able to live up to a hundred years. Alligators can communicate with each other with sounds. These are different in tone and form roars. So they portray the threat, warning of danger, voice the marriage call, call the cubs and reproduce other, only they understandable sounds.

Alligators multiply when their size exceeds that of the Mississippi more than 180 cm, and in Chinese more than a meter. In spring, with the onset of heat, the female makes a nest of mud, mixing it with branches and grass. The nest lays up to 50 eggs. Then the nest is covered with grass and heat is incubated. Incubation lasts from 60 to 70 days.

After hatching, small alligators start to squeak from the eggs, and this serves as a signal to the female to dig the nest. Then the female helps them to get to the water. Once in the water, the cubs are able to swim and swallow everything that gets into their mouth: grass, spiders, insects.