How long do anteaters live ?

The life span of all anteaters, except tamandua, is, on average, 15 years. As for the tamandua, the representatives of this species live up to a maximum of 9 years of age.

The enemies of anteaters in nature are large predatory birds (eagles), boas, and also jaguars. But against all these hunters, the anteater has a formidable weapon – its claws. Even if the predator dares attack the anteater, it can get deep and painful wounds.

Anteaters mate twice a year. The duration of pregnancy depends on the type of anteater: the female of the giant anteater breeds the offspring 180 days, and the dwarf anteaters are born, after 3 to 4 months after mating.

An unusual fact about the feeding of an anteater: when you get to the termite, the animal claws breaks the structure, and then, with an incredible speed of movement of the tongue (160 times per minute), quickly collects the insects to its mouth.