How long do antelopes live ?

It’s not easy for antelopes¬†to live long life in the wild. The average life span of antelopes ¬†in the wild is about 5-6 years. They can live much longer in captivity, about 9-10 years or even longer.

All antelopes legs are usually quite long and slender, the tail ends in a bunch of hair, the hair is short and colored with live colors; Many antelopes, like deer, have so-called tear ducts under the eyes. The size of the described animals is very different: the dwarf antelope (Cephalophus) reaches only 20-23 cm high, while the largest species are up to 1.6 and 2 meters in height. All antelopes are peaceful, social, timid animals and remarkable by the extraordinary rapidity of their movements.

Some species are found in North America, such as, for example, the whorlong. In Europe, there are only two species: the saiga, which is found in the steppes of Asia and Eastern Russia, and is distinguished by sharp, curved inward horns, and chamois. In Asia, there are a few more antelopes, but the vast majority are found in South Africa.

Already ancient were known for many of these species, among other things the gazelle, thanks to its brilliant black eyes, even served as an Arab writer for comparisons. The meat of all antelopes is very tasty, so they are exterminated by both man and large African predators.